Hypnosis for Weight Loss

  • Identify the root causes of overeating
  • Change your mind and your diet will follow

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Losing Weight With Hypnosis

Would you like to reach your ideal weight and maintain it for the duration? Hypnosis can help you make that your reality.

At Hypno-Health, reaching and maintaining your ideal weight is a comprehensive process. After you enter your hypnotic state, we start by asking your subconscious mind what your ideal weight is, knowing you always have the ability to "adjust" it if you want. We then gather information from your inner guides that helps you understand everything that contributed to your weight issue becoming a habit. You get a complete understanding of each of those messages, experiences and influences and disconnect the impact of them on you—for the rest of your life. Each time you disconnect something, you immediately replace it with positive thoughts, feelings, images or perceptions of how you imagine yourself becoming. As you continue to create your list of positives, you associate it with an affirmation from your subconscious mind. That word(s), along with a personalized recording of the "new you", reinforces your goal and makes it your new reality.

Intertwined in the above process are discussions about a variety of weight-related topics, including: healthy food charts and pyramids; knowledge of the acidity and alkalinity of foods; sugar toxicity; alcohol consumption; avoiding foods that cause inflammation; drinking sufficient water; the benefits of regular exercise; modifying eating habits i.e. eating slowly and savoring each bite, chewing thoroughly and enjoying the aromas, tastes, flavors, and textures, eating like a King/Queen in the morning, a prince/princess at lunch, and a pauper at night, and going to bed with an unstuffed stomach. Throughout the process, you make decisions that enable you to create a personal plan that is comfortable and right for you.

Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Really Work?

The results of hypnosis for weight loss at Hypno-Health can be astonishing. I spoke with one gentleman 16 months after his final session at Hypno-Health, and although he was unable to provide a written testimonial, he did give me the following statistics:

category original current
weight (lbs) 261 206
triglycerides 1300 150
cholesterol 225 140
glucose 230 110
hemoglobin 170 117

The following comments are from a real client whose name has been omitted to protect client confidentiality.

"It's been over five months now and, at last check, I have lost 16 lbs. I am now the lightest I've been since 21. I haven't dieted or restricted myself and eat about A THIRD (no joke) of what I used to. I keep a bag of snack food in the house and it will last me two weeks rather than one evening. My vegetable intake has increased and I cook at home more. Seeing Hugh at Hypno-Health was easily the best thing I have ever done for myself. In fact, if I have a single complaint, it would be that I only have one pair of jeans that still fit (those were the ones I used to have to suck in to button and they now need a belt). My wardrobe is severely handicapped at the moment...and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!"

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