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Resolve Chronic Pain with Hypnosis

Chronic pain persists for at least six months. It can be physical, mental or emotional, or any combination of the three. It might be associated with a wound or amputated limb, anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer, alcoholic excessiveness, cultural and sociological factors, or taking opioids as a last resort. It can be caused by a limitless array of experiences, messages and influences (or, sometimes, one powerful event) in our lives that, through repetition, take hold as habits in our subconscious mind.

Other Experts’ Opinions On Chronic Pain

  • Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., has devoted his life-long research to epigenetics, or the study of "DNA modifications that do not change the DNA sequence." Lipton asserts that "Your thoughts and perceptions have a direct and overwhelmingly significant affect on cells. Your mind can and does contribute to both the cause and healing of whatever ails you—including cancer”.
  • Dr John. E. Sarno dedicated his medical practice to working with people with back pain. He wrote two books about his findings and beliefs. Through case histories and mind-body research, Dr. Sarno described how patients recognize the emotional roots of their back pain and sever the connections between mental and physical pain. His program helped thousands of patients overcome their back conditions without drugs or surgery.
  • Louise Hay, in her book You Can Heal Your Life, which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, suggests that pain is often associated with guilt. By releasing the guilt, one can release the pain.
  • Dr. David Spiegel, M.D., Director of Medicine in Palo Alto, California, noted: "It has taken us a century and a half to rediscover the fact that the mind has something to do with pain and can be a powerful tool in controlling it. It is now abundantly clear that we can retrain the brain to reduce pain."

The following comments are from a real client whose name has been omitted to protect client confidentiality.

"I started working with Hugh Sadlier on Skype about two months ago. I asked for help from him to improve my skills as an elite paddleboarder. Not only have I had success with what we set out to work on, but, in my first session, I was rid of pain that had been bothering me for three years."

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