Lyme Disease Treatment With Hypnosis

  • Target the subconscious roots of Lyme
  • Treat the cause, not the symptoms

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A Special Message from Hypno-Health: Healing with Hypnosis in the COVID-19 Era

While I continue to offer remote hypnosis sessions during this difficult time—with my usual sliding pay scale in case of economic hardship—I recognize that many of us are consumed by day-to-day challenges. To help ease that burden, I am happy to offer my full-length relaxation recording free of charge (a $25 value). 

In the recording, I'll guide you on a 30-minute gentle journey to deepening levels of hypnotic relaxation that you can return to whenever you like. Listen to it every day and you might find the coronavirus crisis less stressful.

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With best wishes to you and your loved ones—Hugh

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Release Lyme Disease With Hypnosis

Lyme disease is a challenge to diagnose because it mimics so many other diseases, many early tests are not accurate, and many doctors either don't know much about Lyme or don't recognize it as a problem.

Using hypnosis, we can target the subconscious roots of your Lyme Disease to treat the problem at its source, rather than treating symptoms that never really go away.

Lyme Disease Symptoms: Do I Have Lyme Disease?

Because there is no firm medical consensus on what Lyme Disease is and how it should be treated, confusion generally reigns, as you have probably discovered yourself. Having said that, we know there are a handful of clear symptoms of Lyme Disease that must be taken very seriously when they are present. Core symptoms of Lyme Disease include:

  • Rashes (especially a bulls-eye rash which may show 3 to 30 days after the tick bite)
  • Fevers or chills (flu-like symptoms)
  • Fatigue (without reason)
  • Muscle and joint pain (mild to severe)
  • Severe headaches (persistent)
  • Facial paralysis, a.k.a. Bell's Palsy (one side or both)
  • Irregular heartbeat (shortness of breath, chest pain, fainting)
  • Abnormal sensations in limbs (sharp pains, burning sensations, tingling, swollen joints)
  • Inflammation (liver swelling, redness of eye, swollen joints)
  • Cognitive problems (short term memory, word retrieval, concentration, alertness, mental processing)

Lyme Disease Treatment at Hypno-Health

As a practitioner dealing with Lyme Disease sufferers, I follow the lead of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Klinghardt is a nationally and internationally renowned Lyme and infectious disease expert. He states emphatically that: "Unresolved psychological issues, such as early childhood physical or psychological trauma, trap metals and other toxins inside the body in ways that cannot be mobilized with current spirochetes agents. We must combine a simple biological approach with psychological techniques. That is why we have far better results with detox than other people." In his therapy, Dr. Klinghardt establishes a dialogue with the subconscious mind that acts as a biofeedback device through hypnosis. As a patient releases the trauma, s/he simultaneously releases its grip on the toxins.

Similarly, in our Lyme Disease sessions at Hypno-Health you will learn to release related traumas and expel the Lyme toxins from your body. Stop chasing symptom after symptom like so many Lyme sufferers; let's target the cause and send your Lyme Disease packing.

The following comments are from my own recent experience as a Lyme Disease sufferer—I know firsthand what you're going through and can tell you what a relief it is to have overcome this condition with hypnosis.

"I, Hugh Sadlier, got Lyme disease two years ago. Overwhelming fatigue was followed by muscle pain. I saw a medical doctor and was put on doxycycline. The next day, intense pain started in my shoulders, collarbones and neck (I could barely move my head) and lasted for two days. I was reacting by tensing up and trying to control the pain. A light bulb finally went on and I decided to try hypnosis. I released some long-forgotten childhood trauma and within half an hour, 90% of the pain subsided. The remaining 10% disappeared early the next day and I have remained symptom-free ever since."

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