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Sleep Better With Hypnosis

We hear more these days about the benefits of regular, restorative sleep. It seems especially important as we move into the later years of our lives. We know that each person has his/her own individual needs that dictate how much sleep they seem to require for optimal performance. But what if they can’t achieve that. Insufficient sleep, whatever the causes, can be disastrous to the body and mind. It can cause you to be tired, cranky, groggy or grumpy, weaken your immune system, affect balance and coordination and much more. There are limitless way to try to improve sleep, but probably only one that is all natural, doesn’t require a prescription, has no bad side effects and is relatively inexpensive.

Hypnosis jumps into mind as meeting the above criteria. So, whatever might be causing your insomnia, or chronic sleep disorder, hypnosis would be worth trying. In a small number of sessions, it could help you discover why you became sleepless. You could completely understand what caused reduced sleep to become your norm. Then you could release the impact of all that on you and replace it with positive perceptions of going to sleep easily, sleeping soundly through the night, and waking up feeling rested, relaxed, refreshed, re-created, rejuvenated and ready to roll. Reinforcement of those restorative benefits then become your reality.

The following comments are from a real client whose name has been omitted to protect client confidentiality.

"After more than a year of trying prescription drugs and naturopathic and homeopathic remedies which gave transient relief, I admitted to myself that I indeed had a serious problem. Sleepless nights became my norm. Hugh Sadlier, of Hypno-Health, instructed me in self-hypnosis. This technique allowed me to free myself from my many months of sleepless nights. For me, as a skeptic, it was truly a miracle! I am now a disciple of this mode of therapy. I am extremely grateful for Mr. Sadlier’s expertise in showing me the way to find a cure for a disorder which interfered with my life for so very long."

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