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A Special Message from Hypno-Health: Healing with Hypnosis in the COVID-19 Era

While I continue to offer remote hypnosis sessions during this difficult time—with my usual sliding pay scale in case of economic hardship—I recognize that many of us are consumed by day-to-day challenges. To help ease that burden, I am happy to offer my full-length relaxation recording free of charge (a $25 value). 

In the recording, I'll guide you on a 30-minute gentle journey to deepening levels of hypnotic relaxation that you can return to whenever you like. Listen to it every day and you might find the coronavirus crisis less stressful.

You can play the recording by tapping the button below, or feel free to download the MP3 to your computer by starting the player and then right-clicking it and selecting "Save audio as...". Your browser’s player may also have a three-dot menu with a "Download" option.

With best wishes to you and your loved ones—Hugh

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What Is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is simply the practice of entering hypnosis by yourself, using proven hypnotic techniques that you'll learn at Hypno-Health. All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis, because we allow it to happen. Once you have learned how to enter the hypnotic state, you can use it to reinforce what you do in sessions at Hypno-Health. You can also use it in a variety of ways for your own benefit.

Again, all people who experience hypnosis at Hypno-Health learn how to go into self-hypnosis any time they want or feel the need to.

Remember that the repetition of messages, experiences and influences in our lives results in habits taking hold in the subconscious mind. Once there, they become as automatic as breathing—until we can disconnect them in the subconscious mind and replace them with positive images, thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

With practice, the process of entering into hypnosis becomes a habit that is available whenever someone wants to use it.

How Can Self-Hypnosis Improve My Life?

If you have been wondering about something that took place earlier in your life, you can enter your hypnotic state and ask your subconscious mind about it. If you want to verify something, recall something, or re-experience something, just ask your inner guides.

If there is a negative aspect of yourself that you would like to address, go into self-hypnosis and explore it with your subconscious mind. Ask questions until you get a good understanding of the issue and what caused it to become a habit. Release the impact of the causes completely, then imagine the way you want to be. When you’ve brought forward the positive benefits of the new you, ask your subconscious mind for a word(s) that represents all aspects of the new you. Reinforce that word(s) in your conscious and subconscious minds to enable the new program to become the new habit.

If you have been feeling "out of sorts," worried, tense, stressed, et cetera, you can de-program and re-program yourself with self-hypnosis. Simply ask your subconscious mind to help you release the uncomfortable feelings. Then imagine comfortable feelings coming into mind. Repeat the comfortable feelings (example: "I am feeling rested, relaxed, refreshed, recreated and rejuvenated") and you will feel those ways.

If you're having trouble sleeping, self-hypnosis for insomnia can lock in the gains you make with sleep hypnosis sessions at Hypno-Health.

If you plan to be involved in something in the future that you did before, but weren’t happy with the way you did it, enter your relaxed state several times beforehand, and imagine experiencing the situation the way you want to. That can be your reality when the situation occurs.

If you simply want to enjoy the peaceful feelings available in self-hypnosis, just enter your relaxed state and enjoy those feelings. Allow them to embrace and comfort you. Remain that way as long as you want and return to full consciousness when ready.

The following comments are from a real client whose name has been omitted to protect client confidentiality.

"Thank you very much for helping me resolve my issue and especially for teaching me how to use self-hypnosis. It is so empowering to be able to work with my subconscious all by myself. That has opened up a whole new world of self-improvement and self-satisfaction for me."

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